Jeremy Ellis


Because you’re reading this, I’d guess we have at least a thing or two in common. You love fine cigars, wine, and/or spirits as much as I do. I believe these pleasures are unique because there is a special bond that forms among people who enjoy them together. There is nothing better than a strong cigar and fine Scotch with great friends. But, you already know this, and that’s why you’re here.

A few things:

1. This is an awesome team at SOTR. Make no mistake, I am definitely the caboose on this train. Siz started this because he truly loves bourbon and cigars. Frank, Patrick and Isaac also share that passion and have for a long time. I am only a few years into my journey, and have Siz and Frank to thank for the initiation. My palate is an amalgamation of theirs, so I tend to like the spicy, flavorful sticks. The T52 and Undercrown are two of my favorite smokes.

2. Vodka is my favorite liquor. Ketel one is my favorite vodka. Former favorite was Grey Goose, but then I grew a set and realized the French do wine, cheese, cognac, fine food and hairy women. They don’t do vodka. Disagree? Do a blind taste test, you will pick Svedka before you pick Grey Goose.

3. Frank really is that cool.

4. I’m Director of Business Development for SOTR. If you have any business related inquires, send them my way. / @JeremyAEllis / Linkedin


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