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Flavor Finder

Reasons to Use:

Find Other Cigars that are similar in taste profiles

How It Works

  • Our Flavor Finder compares 8 flavor groupings for each and every cigar that we have reviewed.
  • It then compares the intensity level (1-5, 5 being the most intense) for each cigar and finds the 5 most similar cigars that we have reviewed and compares them side by side.
  • The scores range from 100% match to 0%, and  most are found in the range between 95-90% matching profiles.

Why You Should Use It

  • Helps you find cigars based on similar experiences in flavors
  • You can find similar cigars based on great smoking experiences that you have had
  • Stop wasting money on cigars that you don’t like

How You Can Use It

  • We’ve also conveniently placed links to both the cigar review that you have selected and in the comparison we have a link to the matched cigar review as well.
  • You can view all 5 matches and see how the flavor wheels compare with each other to get a great visual comparison of the cigar flavor profiles.
$10 / Year
Flavor Finder
Find Similar Flavor Cigars Based On Our Proprietary Flavor Wheel Review Data. The subscription is only $10 for a year. Just think, that's the cost of 1 cigar. If we can help you not buy another cigar you don't like it's paid for itself!

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