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Published on December 5th, 2017 | by Siz


Whiskey Rocks…

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, yeah of course Whiskey Rocks! Well while I won’t argue with you on that point. I’m talking about something else. Whiskey rocks as in the whiskey boulders or whiskey pebbles. If you’re not familiar with whiskey rocks then let me tell ya. You’re missing out. Over the years I have gone back and forth on my opinion on ways to chill the beverage in my hand. I’m still biased and will continue to use ice cubes for the majority of my spirits. However, recently I have been converted to a lover of Whiskey Rocks. The guys over at Groovy Guy Gifts have done a great job putting together a collection of some really unique and awesome gift ideas for the fellas. They were kind enough to send me a some custom engraved rocks for me to check out. I honestly have started using them pretty often. You can check them out in some of my recent Instagram posts as well the pictures posted down below.

So if you’re looking being hounded for holiday or gift ideas you should refer people to Groovy Guy Gifts

and also have them check our Cigar Smoker’s gift guide where you can see some other great ideas including these Whiskey Rocks!

Whiskey Rocks

Whiskey Rocks Instructions

Whiskey Rocks Glass

Whiskey Rocks Glass

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